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Mattidance Company was founded October 2013 by artistic director Ami Mattison. After performing work at several area festivals, Ami decided she wanted to continuing choreographing and creating. Mattidance debuted it's first show, Dancing Alone Together, with two sold out performances in May 2014. In 2016 Mattidance was chosen as one of Dance Resource Center's Home Grown artists. DRC hosted Mattidance in a shared evening of work at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.  In 2017 Mattidance was a finalist in the McCallum Theatre Choreography Festival in Palm Desert. This year we were honored to be a part of the Pasadena Dance Festival.

Choreographer Ami Mattison has also showcased pieces for Medium.Live.Art, Talent Lab, Mashed Up Contemporary Dance, and Choreographer's Carnival.

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